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Enough —

February 6, 2012

Originally posted on Fierce, Freethinking Fatties by Atchka!

Do you think it’s fun for me to write about the same subject day after day after day after day, trying to think of new angles, or digging up new dirt, on an organization that I otherwise couldn’t give two shits about?

I only have so much creative energy on hand each day and this project has been the Hummer of psychic fuel consumption. I’m happy to spend it fighting against bigotry, ignorance and hatred, but I, for one, can’t wait until the billboards come down and we can all go back to whatever it was we were doing before all of this began.That includes Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. I don’t think they want to be deal with a bunch of pissed off fatties, or continuously develop new and interesting justifications for their sinister ad campaign which may or may not be profiting their weight loss and weight surgery center.* They’re just as sick of our shit as we are of theirs.

Isn’t it time we all said, “Enough” and wrapped up our respective campaigns?

With approximately 280 more donors needed to unlock the $5000 More of Me to Love Match, our goal of 1,000 donors is just out of reach. Once we reach that goal, we have decided to end the donation phase of our project (see how easy it is to switch from phase to phase, CHOA?) and begin the development phase of our Billboard Project. This will cap our advertising budget around $20,000, which is plenty for our needs.

So, I want to ask you all to help us throw a one-two punch today. There are two simple forms of armchair activism which will help us achieve our duel goals of ending the fundraiser and pressuring on CHOA to bring Phase 1 to a close. They’re pretty basic:

  1. Ask one person to donate $1 to our Solidarity Dollar campaign, or donate yourself
  2. Comment, like, and share my question for Michelle Obama on CNN iReport and/or ask your own

We can easily reach our goal of 1,000 donors today if everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis asked just one person to donate a Solidarity Dollar. So, please help us reach that goal today.

And if you want to see the First Lady give her opinion on Strong4Life, then we need to make it impossible for her to ignore our voice. With every question, comment and like, we improve our odds that she will hear our question.

I have a hard time believing that, in spite of the misguided, but well-intentioned, Let’s Move program, Michelle Obama would approve of the advertising campaign used by Strong4Life. If we can get her to discourage the use of such tactics, we would have a powerful ally in our corner.

So, please, take a moment and help us say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and bring both of our campaigns to an immediate close. Thank you!

*Because although obesity rates leveled off for women and children in 1999, and for men in 2003, for some strange reason, CHOA is expecting to double their customers patients from 600 per year to 1,2000 at their Health4Life Clinic. The clinic treats overweight and obese children for metabolic disorders, but they also offer weight loss and bariatric surgery services as well. They have yet to disclose how many of those 1,200 anticipated customers patients are going for disease treatment versus weight loss or bariatric surgery.

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