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January 24, 2012

Originally posted on Fierce, Freethinking Fatties.

So, get this…

Yesterday, I posted my video in which I called out Strong4Life for having Phase 2 of their campaign in the can already, and included a clip from the Today Show interview where I first saw them.

Well, no sooner had I posted this video when, lo and behold, the videos from Phase 2 were posted on Strong4Life’s YouTube channel.

Would any of you have been pissed if these were the original ads that Strong4Life had posted? Would anyone have denounced Strong4Life if they had focused on positive messages instead of negative?

And, an even bigger question, does this spell the end for Phase 1 of Strong4Life’s Shame Campaign?

What do you think?

Create your own video telling Strong4Life what it’s like to be a bullied fat kid and submit to our End Fat Bullying Tumblr.


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  1. Jackie permalink

    I think now that Atchka spelled out to them just how damaging their billboards were, they’ve decided to go with the sugar coated route, “We don’t hate fat kids, we just want kids to be healthy! That means being thin! You don’t want children to die do you?” Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think they’ve changed anything, they’ve just decided to be more covert about it.

    The damage has been done, perhaps to counter their giggling kids ads, we should post ads of fat children crying at the sight of their ads. That there can be no happiness after this group posted their offensive billboards. We must not let them think they can get away with abusing fat children, then turn around and act like it never happened.

    I think they need to see what those billboards do to children. See actual fat children screaming in terror that they will die. Will they get it then? Wil they realize they’ve perpetuated child abuse to the extent where if they were the parents of that child, CPS would’ve removed that child from their home? Let’s hsve fat kids ask, “Why is it help when I’m told I will die, but abuse when a thin child is told they will die?” “Why did you think it was okay to hold a terror campaign against fat children? Did you think dehumanizing them would help?”

    Warning: There is triggering language if you scroll down.

    I don’t even know what else to say, they got away with emotionally scarring thousands of fat children. Children who had nightmares they would die, unless they lost weight. I think Atchka’s point that those ads would’ve made him s**t himself as a kid, really brings the point home. How can these people claiming to want to help fat children, have such a disturbed lack of empathy with them, that they could post billboards that essentially said, “Guess what fatty, you deserve this. You deserve to be teased by your peers, have no friends, and starve. You fat little waste of a kid. Nobody will love you if you aren’t thin, and if you aren’t thin you will die. You will die as a child, maybe tonight you’ll die. I don’t know but seeing how you’re a worthless fat ass, you could die tonight. You tell your parents you love them, because you might be dead in the morning. Yeah, and all because you can’t put down the fork.”

    I apologize if I upset anyone, I really had to dig deep into the evil part of myself to type it. My point was to make the strongest impact I could, as to what those billboards tell children. Why someone would even think that scaring a kid like that would do anything but harm, I can’t even fathom. Yet, here they are, asking that we all forget those billboards and focus on the pretty ads, we cannot let them forget, that they may have caused several fat children to commit suicide by self starvation or other means. We can’t let them forget that they told thousands of children, they might not wake up tomorrow morning. I’m a horror film fan for goodness sake, and that even scares me. I hope this has done more good than harm. I hope that what I wrote helps everyone understand that those billboards set thousands of innocent fat children up for a life where they think they are less than human, if they are not thin. This isn’t a horror film storyline, it is reality, just as terrifying as a horror film.

    • Jackie,
      I do not see a way to hide your language, but I do not see a reason to hide it either. Your comment is dead on. Fat kids go through enough torment and hell just trying to survive the cruelty of their peers and, sometimes, family. I think we can all recall our own experience hearing some damnable comment on our weight as a child and dwelling on it for a lifetime. This ad campaign simply magnifies that experience by thousands and reaches EVERY child, even those who may have been spared the taunting most fat kids experience.

      I have no qualms about using strong language to attack this issue head on. I think people need to wake up to the fact that they are emotionally scarring the children of Georgia and that it will be Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta who is responsible for the consequences. I hope you will direct your anger and your energy to our Call to Action, and ask organizations to speak out with us against this campaign.

      Thank you for commenting Jackie, and keep fighting hard for the children of Georgia.


  2. Jackie permalink

    I tried to hide the bottom half of this post by returning, but it didn’t register. Could the editor hide the bottom part, or somehow cover the part of the post after the trigger warning up? I apologize if this upsets anyone, but I strongly feel the language I used was needed to paint apicture of the damage those billboards did to fat kids.

  3. The new ads have no point. They say absolutely nothing. “Lets by strong for life!” What the hell is that supposed to mean? Oh yeah. “Let’s try to be skinny.”

    • And how do they distinguish between the shameful fatties in Phase 1 and the active, happy fatties in Phase 2?

      Shame them all and let God sort them out?


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