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Stand4Kids Tumblr

January 23, 2012

Following are the awesome Stand4Kids posters, brainchild of Marilyn Wann, which feature the fattest, baddest, best fatties in the business. We’ll be pumping them out as quickly as we can, so keep your browsers pointed to our Stand4Kids Tumblr to keep up with them.

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  1. ladyfingrrrl permalink

    can i and others participate with pictures and sayings? i think its an awesome project!

    • Absolutely. Send your photo to either marilyn at fatso dot com or atchka at hotmail dot com. Provide your “I STAND…” statement. Wait until I send you the ad for your approval. Post your ad online and change the world!


  2. Julia permalink

    I was wondering what methods or policies you had in place to make this project welcoming to people of diverse races, ethnicities, ages, religious, etc.

    Do you have plans to have people in the “we stand with” posters be more representative of children who are targeted for weight discrimination?

    All too often programs and posters produced by government offices attack children of color, particularly those who are economically marginalized.

    The stand4life site had 5 children’s faces on it. Two appear to be white, while three appear to be black. I don’t see 3/5 of the posts above or on the tumblr depicting people of color (with the caveat that guessing someone’s race based on a photo is dodgy)

    • Julia,
      All of our photos are submitted by people who want to be a part of this campaign. Obesity and race are correlated (as are obesity and poverty, and poverty and race), and in Atlanta, race plays a factor. As mentioned in this post, Strong4Life uses child actors, so they can pick and choose the diversity they wish to represent. We are limited by the participation of our members. Also, this is a limited list of the posters created, which we will be updating today. To see the latest, visit the Stand4Kids Tumblr, where photos are being added as quickly as they can create them.

      That being said, I think it is important to have greater diversity among our representation and if anyone has ideas for how to do so, please let us know. Our campaign is open to everyone, everywhere, no limitations.


      • Julia permalink

        There are already a lot of information resources available online on ways to increase diversity in organizations and campaigns. Before I repeat myself, what resources have you looked at? Are there strategies you have tried which have worked for you? What about ones that haven’t?

        How are the images and messages on the Stand4Kids tumblr going to be conveyed to communities in Atlanta? In particular how do you plan to address children in the Atlanta area?

      • Julia,
        Everyone working on this campaign is a volunteer and everyone working on this campaign is committed to encouraging diversity of bodies, lifestyles and viewpoints. Some of us are better versed in diversity strategies, while others, like myself, are flying by the seat of our pants. I am totally open to any recommendations, but I am squeezing this campaign between my real 9 to 5 job and my family, and it has taken its toll on both.

        If you would like to help us improve the diversity of the community, we welcome you with open arms.

        As far as how the messages and images will be conveyed to Atlanta and how we plan to address the children in the Atlanta area, we are still in the planning stages of that phase of our project. If you would like to contribute to the discussion, I encourage you to join our Facebook group and provide your input.

        But, generally speaking, I can say that our message will be positive and uplifting, encouraging children of ALL sizes to love themselves unconditionally and to pursue health without focusing on weight (aka Health at Every Size).


  3. Shannon I love the new header on this page! Great work!

  4. Also I’ll be happy to give you admin access to the tumblr if you want to modify the appearance settings over there to make it look the same. Just let me know.

    • Absolutely. My Tumblr is Atchka. I’ll be happy to throw it on there. Hooray for branding!


  5. Hi!

    I welcome people to send their photo and credo to me at along with any photo credit and whether you’d like your name to appear on the image or not (either way is fine).

    I haven’t done proper outreach yet, but I totally agree with you, Julia, and take your suggestions on board. Thank you!

    It enrages me that anti-“obesity” campaigns pride themselves on targeting poor people and people of color and imagine they’re doing anyone any kind of favor.

    • Julia permalink

      Thanks for taking my suggestions on board Marilyn. This campaign seems to be really targeting poor people and people of color (and of course poor people of color). I think the looking at the ways in which class and race inform the fat shaming would help in fighting this horrible ad campaign.

  6. Also, I understand from Atchka that this thread got deleted unintentionally. That sucks. I’m not reading this blog yet, because there’s such a backlog of photos right now. I will follow any posts here.

  7. The link to is not working – typo? Or has the tumblr disappeared?

  8. anonimous permalink

    I like what you do.
    By the way, Eileen’s foto drives me crazy!!!!!

  9. Laura permalink

    Do we have permission to print these out and post them offline? I would love to post these on my campus.

    • Laura,
      We will be creating some PDFs of the I Stand photos for flyering. We are still in the planning phase of the advertising portion of our project. We will announce the details soon. Thank you for your interest!


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