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Fat = Meth???

January 23, 2012

Originally posted by Mary Stein on More of Me to Love.

Campaign of Hate

ABC Evening News ran a story on their January 2nd broadcast about the current fat-shaming propaganda in the state of Georgia, which features large billboards displaying images of fat kids with various disparaging captions.

The proponents of this campaign say that parents of Fat kids should be utterly castigated for allowing their children to become and remain ‘obese,’ and this is the most effective method of stopping the ‘obesity epidemic.’ Their proof? The ‘success’ of the anti-drug campaigns showing the horrors of drug abuse.

Crossing The Line

If I wasn’t already angry enough, the story was nice enough to draw one doozy of a false parallel which moved me from angry to incredulous. These geniuses chose to use, as their example of the ‘successful’ anti-drug campaign they were emulating to scare people skinny, a series of ads on the dangers of methamphetamine.

Comparing Apples to Razor Wire

First of all, let us look at what Fat and Meth are. Fat is a naturally occurring substance in the mammalian body. Mammal bodies come in all shapes and sizes, even amongst same species.

Meth is a manufactured chemical made from a variety of synthetic substances and other chemicals that are processed in a very dangerous and potentially lethal manner ultimately resulting in the location of manufacturing as contaminated and marked as an environmental hazard.

Secondly, the effect of Fat on the human body is an increase in size and weight (all that other stuff is linked by correlation, not causation). Fat is also essential for survival. Meth is instantly addictive, setting off a chemical atomic bomb in the brain’s pleasure centers, while destroying impulse control.

Another interesting point is that while the manufacture, sale, and use of Meth is illegal, being Fat is not a first degree felony, (give it time, though, if things don’t change).

And Just How Do I Know All This?

I live in Northeast Ohio. Ohio is one of the top Meth producing states. The county I live in has more Meth labs than any other. The city I live in has the most Meth labs in the county, the largest concentration of which is in my section of town, which means you learn about the stuff whether you want to or not.

I have been on a Meth bust when I wrote for a local newspaper. I have heard horror stories from family, friends, neighbors, and students. I have seen the pictures. I have seen the people.

Meth does many terrible things that Fat does not. Fat doesn’t cause your teeth and skin to rot, nerve damage, heart damage, brain damage, hallucinations – and it doesn’t make you commit violent, shameful acts. Fat does not cause you to allow your child to be harmed or killed. Fat does not turn your home into a biohazard.

Fat ≠ Meth.

Please contact the State of Georgia and/or ABC News and tell them that Fat Hate must stop.


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